Pinserit Ry / Finnish German Pinscher Club is national club that is founded in year 1981. Club gained Breed Organization status in November 2011. 

Club's aim is to contribute purebreed German Pinscher breeding in Finland and to act as a idealistic bond between our members to contribute their interest within the breed. 

Club executes it's meaning with monitoring and guiding the breeding by organising meetings, seminars, shows and trials. As a Breed Organization our Club also educates show judges for our breed.

Every year the Finnish German Pinscher Club offers its members a wealth of events from behaviour and agility training for dogs to dog shows and lectures as well as summer camps. In addition, the Club promotes the general health of the breed by regularly organising breeding inspection and group inspection days as well as offering character testing.

The number of German Pinscher breeders in Finland and world-wide is comparatively small. In Finland about 100 German Pinschers are registered annually.

Year 2012 is FGPC's 31th year. At the end of year 2011 Club had about 270 members. FGPC is a member of Finnish Kennel Club, Finnish Agility Organization and Finnish Dog Breeder's Club.

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